Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to enter a credit card for a free trial?

 The free trial requires a credit card only to prevent serial skip tracing. However, your credit card will not be charged and you do not have to cancel to avoid being charged. We will automatically cancel the trial account after 7 days. 

How much does each service cost?

Each credit is equal to 1 cent. Our list of services are as follows: Each outbound Phone Number costs 200 credits per month, Skip Tracing is 27 credits per search, text and phone calls are 2 credits per minute, Ringless Voicemails are 6 credits per call, and Postcards are 62 credits per piece. 

Are there credits included in the subscription plans?

Yes. The trial and Early Adopter plans come with 500 credits each month. The Pro comes with 5,000 and the Premier comes with 75,000 monthly credits. Check out our Pricing Page for more details on plans. 

Do credits expire?

The credits that come monthly with the plans expire on the renewal date. And on each renewal date, you are issued additional credits. Extra credits purchased in bundles do not expire. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you all plans are month to month and you can cancel any time.  If you cancel in the middle of the billing cycle, your account will be cancelled at the end of that billing cycle. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade plans?

Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. 

How do I find lists to upload?

When you sign up, we will give you up to 100 pre-foreclosure leads free of charge. You'll need more than that to keep going though, so we have a library of videos showing you how to create your own lists of properties. We also partner with some great list companies that can provide you all the lists you need.

What is Geo-fencing?

Geo-Fencing is a brand new technology that lets you target specific homes, businesses, or areas with web videos and web ads. You can upload your list of addresses into PropSpy and create a geo-fencing campaign that will deliver  your video or ad to anyone who visits those addresses. 

What is sequencing?

PropSpy lets you place your outbound communications in an outbound sequence. So you can control the tempo of communication and the type of communications that a homeowner will receive and tailor it to that homeowner's situation. 

Have More Questions?

Please drop us a line and we'll answer them right away.