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Killer Features

How it Works

Upload List of Properties

 Upload your list of addresses or APNs and PropSpy delivers property data, street views, and maps for your entire list. 

Research and Filter

 Research and refine your list with preset filters to ensure you focus on properties meeting your specific requirements. 

Skip Trace

 Bulk skip trace owners from our easy to use interface, and receive phone numbers and emails for the owners and their relatives.

Call, Text, Email, Direct Mail, or Geo-Fence

 Send emails, texts, and calls right from PropSpy. Create templates to make communication easy and fast. Respond to texts directly from our 2-way sms platform, and get notified if you receive responses. 


Set up automated marketing schedules with a simple drag and drop interface. By sequencing geo-fence campaigns, texts, ringless voicemails, emails, and postcards, you can hone your message to sellers on specific lists. 

Track Campaign Performance

Track email, SMS, Geo-fencing campaign responses and performance. A built-in pipeline keeps your deals and prospects organized as they move through the sales process.

Key Benefits


Do More, Faster

 What took hours, now takes minutes. With PropSpy you can upload a list of properties and instantly view the properties' information. Next, instantly skip trace the owners with a click of a button. Best of all, when you're ready to reach out, you can call, email, direct mail, or text right from PropSpy. It's fast, convenient, and streamlined to save you time.  


Get More Responses

  Do you want to stand out from the generic "We Buy Houses" crowd? With PropSpy, your emails, postcards, calls, and texts can be relevant and specific to the recipient. Boost your response rates by creating tailored message sequences that ensure your messages and channels engage sellers. Quickly craft one message to divorcing owners in Miami, a different message to owners of vacant homes in Atlanta, and yet another sequence of messages to owners downsizing in Tennessee. Best of all, you can do this quickly and easily right on PropSpy.  


Automate & Dominate

  It takes persistence to land good deals, but keeping track of follow-up marketing lists can be overwhelming. PropSpy solves that problem by automating the follow-up process. You can sequence communications with an easy drag and drop interface, and let PropSpy do the rest. The program automatically executes your campaign of texts, ringless voicemails, emails, and postcards on time and on schedule.  

See it In Action

Check out how you can quickly upload properties, set a schedule, and start scaling. This demo will show you the workflow from start to finish.